Body Measure


Total body scans with Dexa provide accurate and precise measurements of your total body composition, including bone health, lean mass and body fat.

Why body composition?

  • Am I building muscle and losing fat?
  • Do I have too much internal fat?
  • Are my bones strong?

Most people are used to stepping on a scale at every visit to a doctor’s office, but monitoring weight alone, while helpful, is at best crude and an imprecise way to assess your health. Today’s body composition measurement tools provide far more complete and precise information and answer all of the questions above and more!

Body composition using DEXA

Body composition measurements provide you with accuracy and precision, looking beyond weight and traditional body mass index (BMI) to determine and monitor distribution of body fat, bone, and lean mass. Body composition Dexa exams provide useful regional and total body information to you!

Your body composition results

Your total body composition is calculated for various regions (arms, legs, trunk, and total). Results are displayed as percent body fat, fat mass and lean mass. Your bone mineral density (BMD) will also be calculated, providing additional information about your bone health. Over time, these results can be monitored to better understand how changes in diet, lifestyle, exercise, or other interventions are influencing your body composition.

Weight management

Motivates you to achieve your goals by showing tangible results from your scans.

Dexa scans can be a powerful motivational tool for weight-loss. By using a Dexa scan to monitor weight loss you can see exactly how you are losing weight, for example; if you lose 20 pounds, it could be from losing 20 pounds of fat, or from losing 30 pounds of fat and gaining 10 pounds of muscle. This is especially helpful as you reach plateaus on the scale. The Dexa can show you if you are continuing to lose fat and adding muscle.

Sports performance/Sports medicine/Fitness

Help athletes attain peak performance by monitoring effects of training regimens on regional and total body.

Wellness assessment

Empower clients to enhance overall health by demonstrating how diet, exercise, and other lifestyle changes impacts well-being.

All information presented in easy-to-read reports providing a clear summary of your progress which can help motivate greater achievement.

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