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Why invest in an Emsella treatment? Research has found that 95% of clients treated reported significant improvement in their quality of life, following six or eight 28-minute treatments with Emsella. Additionally, most clients either no longer required the use of hygienic pads or significantly reduced their use of pads in their day-to-day life. The Emsella technology can bring significant improvements in sexual function as well.

How does the treatment work? Emsella harnesses the power of HIFEM (high-intensity focused electromagnetic) technology, stimulating the entire pelvic floor at once. A single 28-minute session provides over 11,800 supramaximal pelvic floor contractions, far greater than the amount of tension that could be developed and held physiologically by the muscle on our own.

Is Emsella right for me? Are you nervous to laugh, sneeze, cough or jump for fear you will leak urine? Do you wear a hygienic pad occasionally or daily? Do you wake up often in the night to use the bathroom? Did you start experiencing urinary leakage after childbirth, menopause or later in life and it is affecting your quality of life? If you answered yes to any of these, then Emsella is right for you!

Can men benefit from an Emsella treatment? Yes, men who experience mild to moderate urinary incontinence, or wake up often in the night to urinate can greatly benefit from this technology. Additionally, Emsella is one of the most effective ways to treat erectile dysfunction.

How long do the results last? The pelvic floor muscles are like any other muscle in the body, they need to be maintained. We recommend one 28-minute follow-up session every 3-6 months for maintenance.

Emsella for sexual wellness

The Emsella treatment strengthens the pelvic floor muscles and muscles in both the vagina and vaginal canal. As a result, this treatment may enable patients to achieve orgasms more easily, experience stronger orgasms and an overall increased sensation.

It can also help improve symptoms of menopause by relaxing the vaginal muscles and improving circulation. As a result, this can boost both arousal and lubrication.

The Emsella treatment is also one of the most effective ways to treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED). The electromagnetic energy helps restore your neuromuscular control while helping prevent and treat both incontinence and reverse ED.

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