How many sessions will I need with the Dietitian

This is person specific. Certain individuals require only 1 session where as others like to touch base as many as 1-2 times a month. We recommend at least 3 sessions. this will hold you accountable until your next “check in date” and will give you a chance to see what strategies worked and what did not work.

We highly recommend 3 sessions.

  • Session one sets the foundation
  • Session 2 lets us see what works, what doesn’t work and reasons why and allows us to re-strategize or come up with new methods. At this point, you may already have new goals in mind.
  • Session 3 holds you accountable to your check in date and will further let us see if you are in the maintenance phase of your new dietary lifestyle or if further intervention is needed. Many times more sessions are needed depending on the complexity of an individual’s life and dietary goals.

My main goal is to help you meet your goals in a sustainable way that gives you full autonomy over your eating habits.

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