Body Measure

Erica Henderson and Melina Elliott have worked together for the last four years on a longitudinal research study at the University of Manitoba. Through their work, they identified an opportunity to fill a gap in the current health and wellness market, a body composition analysis service.

Erica is a certified x-ray technologist who has been working in the health care industry for the last 20 years. Erica is registered with the CAMRT and the MAMRT, as well as, certified in essentials of densitometry. Erica has also worked in the fitness industry for over 25 years, working as a fitness instructor and a trainer. Body Measure combines both of Erica’s passions; her love of fitness and health and wellness technology.

Melina has a Master of Science in Community Health. In her career, Melina has focused on working in the area of wellness among Canada’s older adults. In her work as a research coordinator, Melina saw firsthand the benefit for people having access to their body composition. Body Measure combines Melina’s love of research and helping others.

Erica and Melina are also certified through the World Obesity Federation as obesity management counselors.

Facility Director

Dr. Blair Henderson is Body Measure’s Facility Director. Dr. Henderson is a Board-Certified Radiologist. Post residency, Dr. Henderson completed additional training in gastrointestinal radiology at the University of Georgetown. Dr. Henderson was a lecturer in Radiology at the University of Manitoba for over ten years. He received his Radiology Leadership and Management Certificate in 2018. Dr. Henderson joined the Body Measure team in 2018. An avid gym goer, Dr. Henderson believes that understanding your body composition is key to achieving your best health.

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