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What is Nutrigenomix testing?

Nutrigenomix testing is a safe and non‐invasive saliva collection kit or buccal swab developed for use by healthcare professionals to provide their clients with comprehensive, reliable, genomic information with the ultimate goal of improving the client’s health and performance through the provision of personalized nutrition and physical activity recommendations. The Nutrigenomix test kit involves saliva or buccal swab collection, testing of the client’s DNA for specific nutrition‐related markers, and generation of a personalized nutrition and fitness report. The test analyzes variations in 70 genes that impact nutrient metabolism, eating habits, weight management and body composition, food intolerances and physical activity. The accuracy of the genetic test results is between 99.7 – 100%.

What are the benefits?

Following the nutrition and physical activity recommendations based on the results of the genetic test has been shown to reduce the risk of chronic disease and promote optimal health. Research also shows that individuals who receive DNA‐based dietary advice find the information more motivating to adopt healthier eating habits, and make more changes to their diet compared to when they are given general population‐ based dietary advice.

What are the limitations?

Nutrigenomix testing is not intended to prevent, mitigate, or cure disease. Nutrigenomix does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The test looks at 70 genes that have been shown to modify response to dietary intake and/or to impact nutrition and physical activity recommendations. The development of chronic diseases can be influenced by many factors, including genetics, diet and lifestyle. Following the recommendations provided does not guarantee absence of disease. The test results are based upon probabilities, and may not provide a 100% definitive conclusion to either elevated or typical risk.

How will the information be protected?

All personal health information, including Nutrigenomix test results, is protected by the healthcare professional or clinic providing the test. Each sample is anonymized using a barcode and this is entered into a password protected online system. Nutrigenomix uses a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to encrypt information that is transmitted over the Internet. This technology uses 256‐bit encryption, which ensures that confidential information and transactions cannot be viewed, intercepted or altered. Nutrigenomix will never reveal client information or genetic data to a third party except as required to provide the services requested, or as required by law.

What will happen to the DNA sample once the client has received the results?

After testing is completed, Nutrigenomix will store the anonymized sample under secure conditions to enable future testing as new markers are discovered. Nutrigenomix will never share your data with any third party and will never conduct research using your DNA without your permission.

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